Hello World.

My name is Trish.  I am female, in my sixties, with former lives as a Maths teacher and Osteopath / Naturopath (briefly).  I grew up in Australia, but have lived in the UK for many decades.

I had to retire early due to ill health, and now spend my time seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, and sometimes thinking about anything and everything.

I took up poetry writing when I realised I didn’t have the stamina to write a novel.  I write for fun, not for serious publication, and will share some of my poems here.  Feel free to share them with acknowledgement to this website.

I also write about ME, the illness and its politics and research.  Again, feel free to share my thoughts on this with anyone who you think may be interested.

I will probably also write occasionally about other stuff.

Please do reply to any of my posts if you want to.  It would please me to know what people think of my ramblings.

I don’t expect this blog to reach a wide audience, as I don’t have a ‘name’ and I’m not a great self promoter.  However, it is a public blog, so feel free to share it with anyone and everyone.


An update November 2018.

I never did get around to sharing any of my poems here apart from a couple of limericks.   However, I am having another go at writing a novel.  Purely for my own entertainment.  Don’t expect ever to read it!

My life is dominated at present by my involvement in the on-line forum Science for ME.  Occasionally I take a break to watch the birds in my garden, or read a book.

2 Responses to About

  1. Vacelia Goodman says:

    Wishing you Strength and Blessings and lots of healing


  2. earthangel5 says:

    I love your simple honesty Trish, your words are easy to read – that’s always a bonus for me/ME these days. Im going to delve into the rest of your blog now … gained … one new (well oldish in age !) follower.


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