My first post

hello, I’m Trish and I expect to post a few poems here.

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4 Responses to My first post

  1. Abi Wyatt says:

    Hi Trish,
    How are things with you? What are you up to? I am preparing a collection of poems and writing reviews for Palores Press here in Cornwall. I am hoping to do course on the short story with Exeter Uni later this year. Can’t afford the MA yet but still working on it! :0)

    • trishrhymes says:

      I’m okay, trying to write my 1500 word story for A174 (OU Start Writing Ficition course). I find myself going off into flights of fancy making the story more and more improbable. Fun, but probably not what’s required. I might e-mail it to you for comment if you’ve time to look at it. Can’t put it on here. I’ll try to put more poems on here sometime. Haven’t written any very recently. I hear the Exeter courses are excellent. I’ve signed up to start A215 Creative writing starting in October. I look forward to seeing your poetry collection – are you going to self publish, on-line publish or have you found a ‘real’ publisher – almost impossible I should think, however much I rate your poetry? ;0)

  2. Sue Cumming says:

    I would love to read some of your poems here Trish, you have whetted my appetite….

  3. trishrhymes says:

    Hi Sue, I’m in the process of doing a new blog with a collection of my poems. Will let you know.

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