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Limerick 2

When therapists try to deceive us And GET’s damage is grievous It seems so absurd To write six thousand words When all I need say is ‘believe us’. Advertisements

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This could happen to you.

A severely disabling physical disease is striking down millions of people in their prime around the world, mostly children and young to middle aged adults.  In most cases they don’t recover and it blights the rest of their lives. About … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas

And a hoppy new year

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ME and me.

Introduction: It may seem odd posting a piece about health on what started as a poetry blog. They are both part of who I am. Think of the blog so far as a meal I’ve invited you to share with … Continue reading

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Thoughts about poetry and fiction.

Now there’s a grand title!  I’ve re-activated this blog because I want to have a rant about what’s wrong, and occasionally right about modern poetry in my not so humble opinion.  This could take some time. First some background – … Continue reading

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A student of Christian divinity was trying to fathom the Trinity. She surmised that their wives led parallel lives but were destined to meet at infinity.

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My first post

hello, I’m Trish and I expect to post a few poems here.

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